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30 November Early flowers point to hot dry summer Waateanews.com
13 November Forest back in native species Gisborneherald.co.nz
21 August New crop of kiwi set to return to Hawke’s Bay forests scoop.co.nz
20 June Pine No More Forest and Bird magazine, Winter edition
14 April Local specialist Tamsin Ward-Smith joins Mangataniwha Kiwi Project The New Zealand Herald
7 April Kiwi with special connection to Sir Paul McCartney released into wild Hawke’s Bay Today
6 April Conservation trust snares specialist support Scoop.co.nz
27 June Restoring Forest Life Radio New Zealand
19 June Kevin the kiwi released in 'hopeful moment' Hawke's Bay Today
3 March $18,000 grant boosts predator control efforts Hawke's Bay Today
25 October Kiwi project given boost to funding Hawke's Bay Today
22 October Kiwi find safe haven at Cape Sanctuary Hawke's Bay Today
15 August Fears for kiwi hatchlings Sun Live
15 August Special mission to rescue unhatched kiwi after cold snap TVNZ
28 July Rachel Hunter fights for the kiwis NZ Herald
1 July Kiwi count points to progress Sun Media
1 July Hawke's Bay kiwi count points towards progress. Hawke's Bay Today
1 July Kiwi count points to progress Scoop.co.nz
8 April Strong man of the bush marks kiwi conservation milestone Radio NZ 'Afternoons'
7 April Mother and son reunion marks special conservation milestone Scoop
7 April Mother and son reunion marks special conservation milestone Voxy.co.nz
7 April 200th kiwi chick released in Hawke's Bay forest Voxy.co.nz
6 April 200th kiwi released in Maungataniwha Forest 3 News
6 April 200th kiwi released back into wilderness Maori Television
6 April Emotional day as 200th kiwi released Hawke's Bay Today
27 March Nasty predator's teeth found in forest Hawke's Bay Today
26 March Whio, it's the jaw of a mosasaur NZ Herald
December edition Head for heights helps glorious NZ native Coast and Country News
December edition DNA tests complete kakabeak jigsaw Commercial Horticulture magazine
7 November DNA tests complete kakabeak jigsaw Conservation Blog (DOC)
3 November Hemi wings it! NZ Woman's Weekly
22 October Hollyford trust seeks council funding The Southland Times
15 October Life and limb risked for rarest seeds Northland Age
5 October Saving species worth the risks Daily Post, Rotorua Bay of Plenty
5 October Kakabeak plant on 'edge of oblivion' 3 News
1 October First wild Whio ducklings hatch Whio Forever
30 September Update from DOC D-G Lou Sanson Conservation Blog (DOC)
22 September Keep an eye out for Kakabeak Conservation Blog (DOC)
22 September Hunters and trampers urged to report sightings of rare Kakabeak this Spring What's up, DOC?
22 September Kiwi conservationists on trend alert Scoop
22 September First kiwi eggs of the season arriving for incubation Yahoo News
11 September Hunters and trampers urged to report sightings of rare kakabeak this spring Doc
9 September Bush-goers asked to report sightings of endangered plant Business Scoop
9 September Going bush this spring? Keep your eyes out for a stunning battler Yahoo News
6 September Kiwi bird hatched after 78 days of incubation New Zealand Herald
9 June Fossil find gives collection boost Hutt News
9 June Fossil found in Hawke's Bay Hawke's Bay Today
9 June Dinosaur-era fossil discovered in Hawkes Bay streambed NZ Herald
9 June Geologists 'trip over' large ammonite fossil in New Zealand Archaeology News Network
9 June Important fossil find in Hawke's Bay 'treasure trove' Yahoo! News
9 June Giant fossil found by NZ paleontologists Morning Report, Radio New Zealand
31 May Saving Rare Species Like The Kakabeak The Home & Garden Show, Radio Live
24 April Saving Kakabeak in the wild 'Our Changing World', Radio New Zealand
19 April Dry conditions may affect bay Kiwis' shrinking eggs Hawke's Bay Today
4 April Dinosaur fossils in Hawke's Bay 'Our Changing World', Radio New Zealand
24 March Endangered ducks thrive in Hawke's Bay waterways New Zealand Herald
9 Feb Saving Kakabeak from extinction Te Kaea
Feb Kakabeak making a come back Forest & Bird magazine
17 Jan Whio? Whew! River rafters on the hunt for ducks Element magazine
4 Dec Mass planting of endangered tent pole tree Daily Timber News
1 Aug Stunning battler has come home Northland Age
1 Aug Rare species takes root The Bay Chronicle
29 July Island provides seeds of hope Bay of Plenty Times
29 July Island provides seeds of hope Northern Advocate
29 July Kakabeak rescue under way Hawke’s Bay Today
27 July Seed nursery to help save rare shrub ONE News
8 July Rachel Hunter helps to save rare plant from extinction NZ Herald
8 July DNA tests raise hope for elusive native plant Scoop
27 February Hopes rare plant will thrive in the wild Radio NZ National
13 January Explosive new recovery technique for endangered Kakabeak 3 News
23rd November Rachel Hunter interview about FLRT TVNZ 'Breakfast'
11th November The business of saving species Sunday Star Times
26th October Rare plants struggle to make a come back Hawkes Bay Today
24th October Forest refugees come home to Cape Hawkes Bay Today
28th July Stage set for return of nature Daily Post
18th July Wheel now turning full circle on Forests Hawkes Bay Today
17th July Kiwis are blessed before release Daily Post
30th June DOC relying on private groups to save kiwi 3 News
19th June Wintry kiwi baffle experts Sunday Star-Times
19th June Trust's bird release down to a fine art Hawkes Bay Today
19th June Kiwi surprise trust with pair of late season eggs Hawkes Bay Today
19th June Late Eggs Radio Live
11th June Rare Whio found living in Hawkes Bay Hawkes Bay Today
10th June Surprise find of endangered Blue Ducks The Herald on Sunday
15th May Conserving native flora and fauna Coast & Country news
13th February Hunter sends Kiwi into wild Dominion Post
13th February Rachel sends 100th Kiwi on his way The Herald
13th February Kiwi kissed off to forest The Press
12th February 100th Kiwi chick radio audio clip Radio NZ National
12th February 100th Kiwi chick radio audio clip Radio Live
12th February Trust releases 100th kiwi - various clips ONE News, 3 News, TVNZ, 7 News & Sky/Prime News
18 November Trust wins Environment Action award www.hawkesbaytoday.co.nz
9 August Kakabeak: Maungataniwha’s hidden species www.matarikiforests.co.nz
26 April Remarkable new discoveries of kakabeak www.nzpcn.org.nz
March Where the Wild Things Are Alfresco Magazine
December Trust profile www.mindfood.com
April The Greening of Simon Hall Life & Leisure Magazine
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