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The Forest Lifeforce Restoration Trust has contributed to the ecological aspects of the teaching syllabus at St Cuthbert’s College in Auckland by commissioning a series of reports relating to a tract of land the school owns in the Eastern Bay of Plenty.

St Cuthbert’s bought Kahunui, a property of predominantly native forest located in the Waiotahi Valley, in 2006 to provide a remote campus. It aims to advance the academic and social development of its students by providing an opportunity to learn through experience.

Kahunui, an area of exceptional ecological and botanical value, provides a great opportunity for ecological monitoring, management and teaching. The reports we’ve commissioned help students understand the nature of the property, the way it works, and how this should drive the way it’s managed.

The first, An Overview of Ecological and Archaeological Resources, was a base-line survey now being used as a reference tool and as a starting point for further educational initiatives.

A second report was produced to detail the opportunities for ecological experience and learning there and outline potential projects and information resources.

Both documents were produced by Willie Shaw of Wildland Consultants. Willie visits the campus on a regular basis to consult with staff and help instruct students.

St Cuthbert’s has established a Biodiversity Management Plan for Kahunui. This includes the establishment of pest control over the entire property and we have contributed advice and funding towards this initiative.

We’re also working with Kahunui on our Kakabeak restoration project. A Kakabeak orchard is being established there, from which we’re able to harvest seeds each year for use in our propagation activities.
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