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Lake McKerrow

This is a 23 hectare property situated in the north-western corner of Lake McKerrow, in the Fiordland National Park, approximately four kilometres inland from the coast at Martins Bay. It was purchased in 2006 by Simon Hall.

The property is bordered to the south by the lake, which is part of the national park. On its three other boundaries it’s surrounded by public conservation land; the Pyke Forest administered by the Department of Conservation. 

The property is either Podocarp forest (typically near the lake edge) or a Podocarp, Kamahi and Tree Fern assemblage some 100 to 200 metres in from the lake. This tree assemblage is the result of damp, poorly drained soil on elevated lake terraces.

Pest control
In mid-2007 we were approached by Landcare Research / Manaaki Whenua about taking part in a pest control experiment at Lake McKerrow. The objective was to investigate the efficacy of a range of possum and rat control methods, and to assess the rate of reinvasion relating to each.

Lake McKerrow is an ideal site for this type of work as the lake itself ensures that reinvasion can happen only from the control area.

In October 2011 investigation of the property boundary, using a pre-programmed GPS, revealed that it encompasses the grave site associated with the historic settlement of Jamestown.

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