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Bird translocation

The Maungataniwha Pine Forest is an operational forest undergoing clear-fell harvesting over the next nine years.

It has been assessed as a suitable site from which to translocate small native bird species to The Cape Sanctuary at Cape Kidnappers, south of Napier.

In May 2007, 40 North Island Robins and 24 North Island Tomtits were captured with mist nets in the Maungataniwha Pine Forest and released at The Cape Sanctuary. These birds were the founding colony of their species there and evidence of them breeding was observed in December 2007.

A further nine Robins, 14 Tomtits and 16 Whitehead were subsequently caught and translocated to The Cape Sanctuary. All reports indicate that these birds are thriving there.

Supplementary translocations of a few birds are undertaken occasionally to enhance the genetics within the population now establishing itself at the Cape.

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